Shawn Decker


Shawn Decker is a composer, artist, and teacher who creates sound and electronic media installations and writes music for live performance, film, and video. His work is positioned at the intersection of music composition, the visual arts, and performance, using physical and electronic media to investigate, simulate and praise the natural (and unnatural) worlds. He teaches in the Sound and Art and Technology Studies departments at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Over the past two decades, he has exhibited work numerous times at the Cultural Center - all dealing with sound in a sculptural installation context - and all exploring natural rhythms, systems, and ambience. This piece merges recordings of all these pieces together, functioning, in sonic terminology, as an "echo" of all these past pieces and their presence at the Cultural Center. While these works have been shown throughout the building, the majority were sited in the Sidney Yates Gallery, and he suggests that you go there to listen to this recording.